Dear Digital Marketer/Business Owner,

Let me start with a bitter truth...

Most blogs & bloggers fail in the first three to six months...

You know the power of blogging...

You know how it could help you

And you know that you could… and grow your brand
become an authority in your niche
…get more leads, clients, and sales
make money 

Do you know how many blogs are out there?

How many people start blogging every day?

Tons and Tons more

But how many of them become successful?

How many of them survive after a month or two?

How many of them keep blogging after 6 months or a year?

How many people succeeded in using the blog

To build their brand…or
Grow their business or
Grow their career or
Make a decent second income or
Make a living out of their blog?

Very few…


Because most of them lose the steam after a month or two…

Because they can’t make someone other than their family or friends to read their blog post

With no one visiting their blog… yet alone to read the posts… 

People lose their interest to produce quality content post after post and quit the game

We, humans, thrive on appreciations…

We secretly have an insatiable desire to get likes, comments, and shares

And when it doesn’t happen…

We start feeling bad…

We start questioning ourselves…

We lose the confidence…

Then we quit...

All just because we couldn’t get someone to visit the blog and read the blog post we put-up

Most bloggers struggle with the marketing part.

Not getting visitors is the biggest “blog killer” out there

And it happens not only to the blogs

It happens to many of the digital marketers out there…

SEO experts, content marketers, Adwords experts, social media marketers…

Everyone has to drive traffic to their business properties..that could be a website or landing page or something else…

Otherwise, the business cannot grow

And when businesses don’t grow, they let off the marketers who couldn’t do so

That’s the problem we solve with our 100 Day Blogging Course...

It’s NOT yet another blogging course that teaches how to set up the blog, publish a post, choose images, etc.… [well, we do cover them all..]

It’s a program that helps someone to learn the concepts of entire digital marketing through blogging… So that they can drive traffic to their content/blog/website

Finally, You Can Learn Both Blogging & Digital Marketing 
In Just 100 Days 
And Master The Art of Creating Content & Driving Traffic 
and Conversions...
And Grow Your Brand, Business, Career As You Always Wanted

This Course is Brought to You By

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It focuses on both CREATION & PROMOTION aspects of marketing

In 100 Day Blogging Course...

You’ll learn…

  • How to choose the right niche, topic, and domain name…[when you get these three steps right, your chance to succeed doubles]

  • Everything you need to set up your first Wordpress blog - the right plugins to use, picking the right Wordpress theme, integrating forms, monitoring uptime and so

  • How to get content ideas…[so that you never run out of ideas and stare at the blank document]

  • How to write better web content... [that’ll never bore your audiences and make them come back again and again like a kid to the candy store]

  • The different types of online content and how to use keywords to write content…[so that you keep your audience happy with the multi-format content that’s focused on right keywords]

But It’s just the beginning…

Once you learn the creation part…

We deep dive into the marketing part…

You’ll learn the essential marketing components to succeed in blogging

You’ll learn…

  • How to scale search traffic with long tail keywords…[so that you can not only dominate the search game by ranking for the hyper-targeted long tail keywords, but also convert that traffic into sales, leads, and profit.]

  • How to set up your first search ad campaign... [so that you can get the important, targeted early visitors for pennies(when you run ads for the long tail keywords) who’ll share your posts and get you the much needed social proof that’ll skyrocket your rankings]

  • Introduction to AMP and how to setup AMP for your blog... [Google wants to keep its mobile customers happy, and it rewards blogs that are AMP ready in the mobile search results.]

  • How to write compelling headlines… [80% of your readers will decide whether to read your post or not based on the headlines and you’ll learn everything you need to write such headlines that’ll grab their attention and make them read every one of your blog posts]

  • How to perform advanced keyword research and analyze your competitor keywords…[so that you can identify the right keywords to target and also the precious keywords which are left out by your competitors that you can target and reap the results] 

  • How to use Facebook instant articles to get more exposure….[you can make your posts accessible to those Facebook loving audiences who otherwise wouldn’t leave Facebook to read your posts and get those likes, shares, and comments everyone else will miss]

  • How to set up your Facebook page and use it to promote your blog…[so that you get the most out of the world’s second-largest nation]

  • How to set up your first Facebook ads campaign and lead ads…[and Start building your email list. In online marketing, they say “Money is in the list,” and I very much agree with them. Regardless of your business, your list will be your biggest asset]

  • Everything you need to know about LinkedIn platform including LinkedIn Ads and Analytics... [if you’re a business or a freelancer, you should focus more on LinkedIn to get the maximum out of your blogging efforts]

  • How to leverage Quora to drive traffic and capture leads…[most People either neglect Quora or struggle to generate traffic and leads from it, but you’ll not. You’ll know what to do to get What you want]

  • How to use Advanced analytics including heat maps and visitors recording….[so that you understand how your visitors/readers are interacting with your blog and content]

  • How to start your first campaign with MailChimp... [your list is the bloodline of your business growth, and you’ll learn how to build a relationship and maintain it to get the best results]

  • How to perform the magic of email automation and advanced workflows….[so that you can wow your readers with behavior-based responses and hyper-targeted message to the hypersegmented list]

  • How to use Pinterest and Instagram to get more visitors….[no..they aren’t for fashion blogs and pretty girls..any blog can leverage their 

And more…

You’ll get access to 100 videos [that is almost 24 hours watch time] covering everything from setting up your first Wordpress blog to drive visitors to your blog via Facebook to LinkedIn to Instagram to Adwords to Pinterest 

Everything is yours for just ₹1999 [You Save 60% of the retail price]

And not only that…

You also get a couple of amazing bonuses...

Exclusive Bonus #1

My new and upcoming course “Analytics Mastery” [worth ₹4999]

As a blogger and digital marketer, you’ll know the importance of mastering analytics to understand more about your audience and how they are interacting with your content.

Yet many marketers and bloggers struggle when it comes to analytics - tracking and interpreting the data.

And the new Analytics Mastery will help you overcome this.

You may not become an Analytical Ninja overnight…

But you’ll definitely know your way around Google Analytics and learn how to collect the right data and understand it to make the correct decisions.

It’ll be one of my best and most comprehensive courses

And you get it FREE as a bonus with your 100 Day Blogging Course [as soon as the course is ready]

Exclusive Bonus 2

100 Daily Blogging Tips [worth ₹4999] 

I know it is not easy to get the results and you need all the support you can get to succeed.

I want you to succeed…

I don’t want you to purchase this course and do nothing because you got stuck somewhere…

I want you to blog regularly, attract visitors, build a list, and get conversions…

That’s why I’m going to send you one tip a day via email for 100 days [starting June 11th]

These are not some random tips or fillers…each one is picked for its usefulness.

You’ll get tips to select the right domain name to writing prompts to try when you get stuck to headline formulas to even some devilish psychology and persuasion tips that’ll skyrocket your readership and shares

And you get this all FREE as a bonus with your 100 Day Blogging Course

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Exclusive Bonus 3

20+ checklists to help you blog better [worth 2999]

Checklists make life more comfortable, and we want to make your blogging journey easier.

That’s why you’ll get 20+ checklists for

...starting the blog
...write a perfect blog post
...guest blogging checklist maintenance checklist
...before-you-post checklist
...seo checklist promotion checklist

And more….

You get this all FREE as a bonus with your 100 Day Blogging Course

Exclusive Bonus 4

Lifetime Membership Access to the Private Facebook Group [worth ₹2999] 

You’ll never be alone in the journey.

You’ll never have to wonder or worry about what to do next or where to ask when you are stuck somewhere…

You’ll have thousand other people who are learning and growing with you

Let’s recap…

You get…

Access to 100 videos [that is almost 24 hours watch time] covering everything from setting up your first Wordpress blog to drive visitors to your blog via Facebook to LinkedIn to Instagram to Adwords to Pinterest [worth ₹4999]

My new and upcoming comprehensive course on Analytics “Analytics Mastery” (upon completion of the course) [worth ₹4999]

100 Daily Blogging Tips sent your email daily (from June 11th) [worth ₹4999]

20+ checklists to help you blog better (before the end of June’18) [worth 2999]

Lifetime Membership Access to the Private Facebook Group [worth ₹1999]

That’s materials worth of ₹20000

And you get them all for just ₹1999. That means you’re paying only 10% of the retail price, saving 90%

Join 100 Day Blogging Course For ₹1999


This is a crossroads moment for you…
Three roads are ahead of you

You can do things like you always been doing...change the same life you’ve been living FOREVER and hope for some miracle to happen that’ll make your dreams true…

You can try to figure this out your own alone, saving couple thousand bucks, spend hundreds of hours [that you’ll never get back], grow slowly and live with knowing that you once had a chance to change all of it…


You can TAKE CONTROL of your life, follow the proven steps extracted from my thousands of trial and error attempts by spending ₹1999 [that you can double, triple or even 10x]

It’s your choice…

Make the wise one

Join 100 Day Blogging Course For ₹1999

To Your Growth,
Deepak Kanakaraju


How much time do I need to spend?

This is a self-paced course. You can learn it at your own pace. But, we recommend you spend at least 1 hour a day - watching the video and implementing the learnings.

Enroll Now for ₹1999 and Get Instant AccessEnroll Now for ₹1999 and Get Instant AccessEnroll Now for ₹1999 and Get Instant AccessEnroll Now for ₹1999 and Get Instant Access